Sunday, October 16, 2016

Last Week in Texas

We finished packing up, cleaning up, and moved out of our house on Friday, September 23, 2016.  James and Ashley were kind enough to let us move into their extra bedroom upstairs and to invade their family’s privacy.  It was fun spending more time with their family.  The kids had a blast with Maw Maw (as usual).   We also got to spend some extra time with Melinda, Mike, Dax, and Crosby.  Nelwyn even spent a couple nights at their house.  Dax requested more nights with Maw Maw, but there were only so many nights left in Texas.

This is what I spent my last week in Texas doing….. 

James warned me ahead of time that he had a project he wanted me to help him with while we were staying with them.  They wanted to build a fireplace on a wall shared by their living room and eating area to better define the living room area.  Their idea was to put in an electric fireplace insert with stone around it and bookcases on both sides.  We discussed the details, looked at a lot of pictures and then I drew up a plan.


The Plan

This took me back to my high school drafting and college CAD days.  It reminded me of how much I enjoy doing these types of drawings.

2016-10-10 08.01.03

Target Wall Before the Project Began

James and Ashley had a nice arrangement of pictures on the wall before we began.


Bare Wall

No more pictures or base boards and started to move the electrical, cable and internet connections.


Studs for Back Wall

Too late to turn back now…


Studs for Mantle

Starting to take shape with the walls for the back of the fireplace surround and mantle.


Box for Insert and Mantle Columns

Built the opening for the insert and the support for the columns.


Back of Mantle

Beginning to put the plywood covering


Bookcases in Place, Upper Mantle and Columns

We built the bookcases separately, put them in place and attached them to the wall and surrounds and put the wood on the face.


Crown Molding

Crown molding is in place.  This was my first attempt at installing crown molding.  Thank goodness for the internet and instruction videos. 


The Finish Product (less paint)

James did a great job on the stone front.  Another first for both of us!!  Doors are also in place.  I found it cheaper to have custom doors made and then I used my router to put a decorative edge on them.

2016-10-15 14.50.47

Side View

This gives you an idea of the different depths we tried to build in.

I learned a lot from my Dad growing up on how to build things and I am so grateful to him for all he taught me and that I was able to use this knowledge to help and teach James.  I hope he learned a lot and can use the knowledge in the future and can teach his own kids.  With this project, the shed James and I built this past summer and the table I built for Melinda and Mike, reminded me how much I enjoy building things.  I was very concerned about this fireplace project and if we could pull it off (especially the stone work), but I think it turned out well.  I will have to post a finished picture once James gets it painted (that is one thing I do not enjoy doing…painting).

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